We are giving away an all inclusive package to DellEMC World, including flights, hotels in Las Vegas and a full conference pass.

For minimum of a $36 ticket, you get to participate in the sweepstakes, and 80% of the profits to will go the OFJCC, so you get to support a noble cause!

How does it work?

At Squeedeal, Sweepstakes are short term in order for each participant to have a  better chance to win with fewer people participate. 

-This is a pre-participation registration. Once we reach 350 people who are interested, we will open for a limited amount of time, notify all those who were interested and run the sweepstake. The winner gets to go to the conference!

-Fill out the form by clicking on the purple button below and pick the amount you want to donate for the cause. The bigger the amount, the more entries you get. 

-Once the sweepstakes is run, we will send you an email with the link to purchase a donation ticket. You can then register and send the payment through PayPal or a Credit Card and we will send you back the entry codes for the sweepstakes by email.

If you are interested in participating, please click on button below

If we gather enough people who are interested in participating by the end date above or beforehand, we will contact you and invite you to purchase a donation ticket, so feel free to tell and invite your friends and colleagues. 

Who are you supporting?

The Taube Koret Campus for Jewish Life is a welcoming, innovative, multi-generational destination where individuals and families live, learn, play and connect. The 8.5 acre site is anchored by the Oshman Family Jewish Community Center and Moldaw Family Residences. Since opening in September 2009, the campus has created an exciting hub for the region’s growing Jewish community and contributed to the revitalization of the South Palo Alto area. 

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