A Brand New Way To Engage Your Employees

The current state of employee lifetime cycle is short and fragile

In the business world of today, many companies are fighting hard to keep their employees in house. As the average employee life cycle in a certain company spans around 2-3 years, the basic incentive packages are not enough to keep them for a longer period of time. 


Companies started turning to perks and other program in order to increase employee engagement that will connect them to their colleagues, their team and the company. Make it feel like it’s not just a 9-5. Click in – click out and that’s it.


Many programs were created along the years, some are more effective and some are less. Yet, Human Resources departments keep looking for new tools that will help to engage their clients- the employees. This is where Squeedeal enters, by providing a value package using its unique E-commerce platform: Companies can run direct sweepstakes to their employees.

What are they looking for?

Dan Broudi
Recently joined the design team, he loves new challenges and exploring his creative skills. Yet he keeps feeling that his team is alianated by other departments, thus being looked at as the 'lazy' creative guys that always stop us from getting the job done on itme
Tom Sina
Tom is a top Social Media expert. He loves to talk with people and connect their stories to another successful campaign that will increase brand awareness. Since joining the company he feels lack of ideas since he doesn't get to interact as much with other departments as he wishes to do to strict schedule and not a lot of post work ahappy hours
Symon Rivers
A recent graduate, Symon is a typical software developer: very shy but loves to help and challenge himself. Due to his personallity, as well as being the new guy on the team, it's been hard for him to connect with people and in many cases he decided to stick to his table, put hte headphone and keep working until it's time to go home

What Are The Benefits?

support a good cause and help those who are in need

Engage your employees using a sweepstakes system, in which they get to support a charitable cause and also get a chance to win something in return

Ideas For Prizes










Squeedeal works closely with Human Resource departments in order to create a sustainable employee engagement program, that will run with little to no effort alongside the current programs. 

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