We know you probably have tons of questions, so we decided to layout the most popular ones we get from customers and nonprofits

-How does it work?

Squeedeal is based on a combination of crowdfunding and traditional sweepstakes. We created this system in order to run each campaign on a small number of participants – giving each participant a better chance to win. 

Each item or service we post has a pre-registration option. Once we filled out the minimum number of participants we will run the sweepstakes for a limited time and invite all participants to make a donation and get more entries.

Once the sweepstakes is done, we will pull out a random winning ticket and inform the winner. 80% of the profit after covering expenses will go to the nonprofit organization the campaign supports.

-Can I get a tax refund?

At the time of your payment, we provide you with a receipt for you to use with regard to any tax planning you are considering in consultation with your accountant.

-How many participants are in each campaign?

The campaign pre-registration sets the start of each campaign. It is calculated by the number of participants we need to trigger the sweepstakes. After that, we will open up the sweepstakes to all for a limited time. 

-So what is the difference for pre-registrants? 

Because you are helping with triggering the sweepstakes, each pre-registrant will receive bonus entries for every donation ticket purchased.

-How long it takes to announce the winners?

 The winners will be notified up to 7 business days from when the sweepstakes end.

-Can I register to more than one campaign?

Yes, there is no limit to the number of campaigns you can register to. There is also no limit to the number of donation tickets you can purchase in each campaign.


-If I have registered to a campaign, do I have to fill out the information again once the sweepstakes is live?

Yes, the sweepstakes process includes the payment option and for that, each participant is required to fill out the information again.


-Are all campaigns attached to nonprofits?

Yes. Squeedeal is all about helping to raise donations for nonprofit organizations and help changing the world to those in need. Every campaign on the website is attached to a specific nonprofit that will get 80% of the profit after covering expenses.

-Are you accepting participants outside the USA?

No. Currently, we only operate within the United States, but we are in the process of opening up our campaigns for international donors and will notify about that as soon as we have that established.


-Do I need to pay for the shipping/taxes of the item/service?

No. Each campaign covers the shipping costs and tax. Once the sweepstakes is completed, the winner will be notified and our team will coordinated with him/her about how to receive the prize.


-How winners are chosen and announced?

Winners are chosen through a third party website (random.org) and are notified through phone and email. This is why we asked for a phone number- only to notify the winners.

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