FlexWatch Easter Campaign

We are giving away a brand new FlexWatch and support 2 nonprofits: Autism Society of America and Yadid’it Dog Rescue.

For only $10 donation ticket you get to participate in the sweepstake + we give 80% of the profit to the charitable organizations so you get to support a noble cause.

How does it work?

At Squeedeal, sweepstakes are short term in order for each participant to have a better chance to win with fewer donors. 

We are holding an Early Bird registration. Once we reach 10 people who are interested, we will open for a limited amount of time to give a fair chance to all participants and run the sweepstake. The winner gets the choose a FlexWatch!

In order to participate, please fill out the form by clicking on the pink button below. You can send the payment through PayPal or a Credit Card and we will send you back the confirmation by email.


Thank you for your support!

Who are you supporting?

Yadid’it! Sustainable Dog Rescue’s mission is to craft a community space that facilitates and empowers trauma survivors, both human and canine, to rediscover their inner-strength and rebuild their self-confidence; through the facilitation of dog rescue and the cultivation of the human-animal bond.

The Rescue’s mission is threefold:

1.    To break the “surrender cycle” by creating a holistic-based rescue focused on kill-bound shelter dogs and rehabilitate them in mind, body and behavior, then re-home them with loving families, with full training support post-adoption to ensure positive long-term adoptive experiences for the canine and their human companions.

2.    To offer a unique community-based program for victims of sexual violence to interact with and adopt a loving canine as well as learning vital confidence-building skills through team training with their new companion, at no charge to the participant.

3.    To create a sustainable rescue model based on for profit business support through revenue streams generated by Yadid’it Training, small-scale urban farming and the sale of organic dog supplements, space rentals, and other community business revenue sharing opportunities.

Autism Society of America

The Autism Society of America has been improving the lives of all affected by autism for over 50 years and envisions a world where individuals and families living with autism are able to maximize their quality of life, are treated with the highest level of dignity, and live in a society in which their talents and skills are appreciated and valued. We provide advocacy, education, information and referral, support, and community at national, state and local levels through our strong nationwide network of Affiliates.