Generating A New Channel of Fundraising

“There is no exercise better for the heart than reaching down and lifting people up.” – John Holmes

Squeedeal is the first online platform that generates donations for nonprofit organizations on a regular basis. By combining crowdfunding with traditional sweepstakes we give donors a better chance to win a product or services using a small participant pool system, as well as knowing that their money is going to a charitable cause; As a social focused company, any item we run on our platform is attached to a nonprofit that will receive up to 80% of the profits from it after covering expenses.

What is unique about the platform?

-Our campaigns are free, you do not need to pay for the items we provide on our campaigns as they are based on crowdfunding

-There is no obligation on your end

-There is (almost) no limit to the types of products/services we can offer and amount of times we can run a specific campaign

-We can help with bringing people in through our marketing channels

-We share the campaign data in order to expand the data base and newsletter recipients of the organizations we collaborate with

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