Helping Breast Cancer Survivors

Part of our mission is to support non-profit organizations. Today we want to introduce one of the organizations we collaborate with. Meet Redefined Courage out of Raleigh, NC.

Redefined Courage is currently serving women the United States. They have developed a patent pending button up, soft cotton shirt that has been designed with four interior drain pockets and strategically placed stitching. This shirt aids in comfort for the breast surgery recovery process but also allows for each recipient to feel beautiful when she gets dressed since her drain bulbs will now be concealed. Their Mission: To gift “HOPE” to every woman having a breast surgery across the U.S. to help her heal in comfort and dignity.

What is the story behind this amazing organization?

We sat down with the founder of the organization, Nikki Speer, to learn more about the story behind Redefined Courage and how you can get involved as well.

Squeedeal: so tell me about yourself and what made you decide on taking this road and forming Redefined Courage? 

Nikki: I am a wife to Gerrod, a mom to 3 beautiful kids, a sister, a niece, and a daughter. I have always had a passion to help other people but once I knew my mom was dying of breast cancer (2015) I knew I had to help. I promised my mom I would design clothing for her to make her feel beautiful. The journey started by a simple promise and morphed into what would be “HOPE” a breast post op shirt, the first step in my moms initial journey, almost 14 years ago.

Squeedeal: What is unique about your product?

Nikki: “HOPE” is our patent pending post op shirt that is unique in what it provides. It is a soft cotton button up shirt with 4 pockets inside for drain bulbs. The seams are placed strategically on the top of the shoulder in order to not irritate under the arm and button up to help with the limited arm mobility after surgery.

Squeedeal: Do you have plans to make more products- creating a product line?

Nikki: While we currently focusing on providing our “HOPE” post up shirt to as man woman as possible, I have BIG dreams for a product line; Our next product is a bamboo chemotherapy shawl.

Squeedeal: How many woman have you helped up until now? 

Nikki: Hundreds, I help woman everyday and it’s been an incredible journey. Here are two testimonials by woman I helped post surgery: 

Sandy recently wrote:                                                                                              “I can not say enough great things about your drain pocket shirt! I LIVED in it 24/7 after my surgery. My only regret…not ordering a second for when the first was in the wash! Thank you so much for all that you do.”

Amanda wrote: “I couldn’t be more grateful for you!!! The mastectomy shirt has been a LIFESAVER!”

Squeedeal: Wow, that is awesome! Do you operate nationally?  Can we order online? 

Nikki: Yes we operate nationally. And, Yes you can order online. If  you are a family member you can order a shirt or give a donation. If you are a having a surgery you can order on our site.

Squeedeal: What was the best moment in your journey? 

Nikki: I can not say there has been one specific moment because honestly EVERYTIME I get an email, a phone call or a text and I am able to help another woman, share my story, hear encouragement to keep going or connect with another person who wants to give to us I have the same excitement! It all fires me up and keeps me going to help the next person! That’s truly what I love! 

Squeedeal: What can our readers do to help more woman who are breast cancer survivors? 

Nikki: If you have the availability to personally help- do that! If you can give financially to her- do that! If she’s your friend, don’t change, be her friend! She (her family) needs your love, encouragement and physical help right now. Show up for her it will bless both of you!  


We wish Nikki the best of luck and hope she can get to as many cancer survivors out there and keep on growing and bringing more products to the market!  


To help Nikki reach her goal, check out this awesome campaign we are running for her here 

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