How to get to RSA in SF without breaking the savings account?

It was around this time of the year. RSA was approaching, and I knew that all of the cyber security companies were planning to be there – showing off new products and features, going to lectures from top subject matter experts, networking, making deals and above all, having tons of fun at rooftop parties, and eating great food highlighting the foodie scene in the city by the bay. And I wanted to be there too! 

But wait, if I want to go, how?

The easiest way to go is to just book the flights and hotels and get a free pass from one of the vendors. That will get you to the exhibition grounds so you can walk between the booths, talk and network with professionals from around the world and score some swag. But if you want to access the whole conference; a full package that includes access to all of the lectures, workshops and exclusive parties, then you have to pay…a lot. And if you’re reading this now (end of December), It’s $1995 for a full pass and will go up to $2595 on February 2nd. 

Can you afford it?

Maybe yes, maybe no. So you turn to your boss or HR to see if they have a budget for you? After all, this is a professional event that will help you to scale your career and be better at your job. But they don’t have the budget. The whole package with flights and hotel is easily crossing the $4000 mark. That’s a lot of money.

So maybe I can try again next year?

You could wait, but before you do, you should take a look at the packages Squeedeal is offering. The first company out there that offers full packages (flights, hotel and a full conference pass) to major IT conferences. And it’s not at the regular 5%-10% discounted rate. It’s merely a fraction of it. By combining a crowdsourcing method with sweepstakes, Squeedeal offers the option to get the full package for as little as $20. Yes, $20 might get you in for the whole nine yards! And on top of that you get to support a non-profit organization and help change lives. How awesome is that?

So don’t give up on it just yet. Check out our packages before they run out. We have enough for everyone to give it a try, but we are limited on time, since we want to leave you with enough time to get ready in case you win!

Happy new year!

Dolev at Squeedeal

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