Ideas for Nonprofit Fundraising

There is a lot of unrest in the nonprofit world today when it comes to the bloodline of an organization- the fundraising. Following last year’s new tax law, charity organizations across the nation are having a hard time to receive donations. “They have to be much more creative,” told us a representative of the North Carolina Center for Nonprofits when visiting their office. An average household with 2 incomes needs to come up with over 22 thousand dollars a year to get something in a tax return. Only two years ago, it was about 5 thousand dollars threshold.


So what can a nonprofit do now in order to raise money?


1. Well, they can certainly keep working on their regular potential donor lists and go through the communication and relationship paths they have done in the past. The problem here is that it takes a lot of effort, time and resources to get that one donor to write off a check. And it usually takes a year to get that one check. And the cycle starts again.


2.The grant option is still a viable option. Here are some grant websites you can look into:

Grantwatch is a great resource to browse through many different options

-Your local state and city is another good place to check on a regular basis. The chances to get one are usually better because you have less competition and (if) you are local they tend to lean towards someone who supports their community on a regular basis.

Grants.gov is also a great resource. The ‘check your eligibility’ section makes it easier and faster in terms of time you have to devote to this process.


3. They can also to a fundraiser either through a gala, Facebook or other platforms. Facebook has been one of the go-to places for individual fundraising campaigns that support nonprofit. It’s a great way to raise money without spending too much time, effort and money on it. The traditional gala or banquet is a great event that could either push an organization to the next level or end up too costly.


4. They can go to conferences or a convention, where they usually get a discounted (if not free) spot and interact with potential donors. The exposure is pretty big (depends on the size of the conference) and there is nothing better than the personal interaction with potential donors. If you are not sure about, all you need to do is email to event leader and ask about collaboration.


5. They can reach to stores and wholesalers and ask to be a part of their point of sale program, which is either having a small booth at a store with a representative or just have the cashier ask the customers if they are interested in donating to an organization. Almost every big retailer will ask you if you want to make a donation to a charity at the cashier. Another way to ask for help is asking for a product or a service rather than money. Here is a list of companies that donate products to charities each year.


6. They can run an event like a walking/running for fundraising. Some organizations like Extralife do video game tournaments as a tool to raise money.


7. Organizations like Redefined Courage has collaborated with a restaurant, like Milton’s Pizza and pasta in Raleigh, NC. For one evening, any meal you ordered at the restaurant and mention the organization’s name, they will receive a donation from the restaurant. Don’t limit it to a restaurant, think about other creative ways to collaborate with a local business or national ones

8. Use the board of directors- the board usually consist of people that can bring value to your organization. They can always connect you with potential donors or business opportunities. Here are a couple of strategies about how to do that.


9. We can’t let you go without saying that we are always here to support nonprofits through our (free) fundraising program. Yes, we do love giving checks to charities, it’s a part of our business model. So feel free to reach out for more details.

To summarise, though times have changed, there are many options out there for nonprofits to fundraise. You can choose to focus on one if you know you can cultivate it well, or try a couple of them and see what works best for you. If you have another idea that we forgot to mention, feel free to leave a comment or send us an email. We would love to share it on our blog.

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