iRobot Roomba i7 review

I woke up one morning a couple of weeks ago and walked down to get some coffee. As I got off the stairs, I started feeling lots of crumbling dirt under my feet. I looked down and saw a trail of cat litter that started from the litter box. I followed it all the to way to the other room where my cat was ,laying on the floor. He was now happy to see me and said something like “come, join me…” as he was playing on the carpet, pushing the rest of the cat litter was as deep as possible so it will never get out. That was it for me. “It’s time to get a Roomba” I told my wife. She agreed and I started to do my research as I always do when purchasing a new item.


After researching the web, reading recommendations and also stopping at a few stores (and friend’s houses), I decided that the best fit for me would be the i7. The new features it provides guaranteed that not only my house will be clean on a regular basis, It will also not add another task to the household upkeep and I will have total control over it even when I’m away. Now that’s awesome!

Welcome to our home, Rusty!

After opening the package and turning Rusty (that’s how we call him) on for the first time, it needed a few hours to ‘learn’ my house so it will be more efficient. If you seen the old Roomba’s, you know how not so efficient they were by cleaning just one room again and again until running out of battery.


Once that was done, I set it for early morning launch before the kids wake up. Since my wife works from home we can’t really run it during midday time, so we decided on the early bird settings. For the first few times I was checking on him, just to see that he doing alright, and witnessed this amazing thing: while he was done going through just 2 rooms, he stopped and went back to his base where the trash can is located. He then emptied the collection and just got back to cleaning the floor. That was incredible! He can literally keep the house clean for the entire day no matter what we do or how much dust we bring in.


Within 3 days, I was able to tell the difference; I walked into the house after a long day at work, took off my shoes and socks, and started walking towards the kitchen (I call it ‘post traffic time hunger’). After a few steps it stroked me: I was actually able to feel the floor, just the floor with no dirt that got stuck to my feet. I looked around and there were no trails of cat litter anywhere. It worked!


It turns out that this generation of Roomba’s have a much longer battery life per each use. Also, it is pretty quiet than previous models; I remember going to a friend’s house a couple of years ago and the Roomba started working in the middle of our conversation, that immediately became a much louder one until my friend just turned it off.

Home and away

Just before winter entered our doorstep, we decided to go on a family trip to the mountains and visit our family in Asheville, NC. Once we got there, my neighbor from back home called me asking if the power is down at our place too? Turns out that the whole neighborhood lost power for 2 hours. Then, I remembered that the Roomba lost power too, so it probably lost its planned schedule. Well, that does not affect the i7. Rusty stays connected at any given time through the iRobot application that makes it easy for you to control the Roomba and turn it on from wherever you are. Also, after mapping the house for the first time, you can decide if you want him to focus on a specific room and leave the other ones alone – all done through the app. It can also remember up to 10 different floors (for those who have them).

It’s time to name your own Roomba!

Whether it’s Rob, Steve or Nancy, they live up to their birth name… iRobot Roomba is a great addition to the household and is definitely leading on everything that has to do with making sure that the floors are clean. This brand new model will also empty the trash on it’s own and you can control it from your phone at any given time. What a great way to keep your house clean on a regular basis!

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