Meet the winners: Antoinette Ruby Mccord

We love writing these blogs. When we reach out to our winners, we always get a heartwarming story or learn something new. This time it’s the Nintendo Switch campaign winner, Antoinette Ruby Mccord. Turns out that besides doing some gardening in the backyard, she makes beautiful (and delicious) cakes to support charities. Now that is awesome!

Tell us about yourself?

Originally from NY, in TN now for 20 years. I work full time in Insurance, and I love to bake. I use my baking to help others in different ways. 



How did you find Squeedeal?

Facebook and happy I did because of the great work they do to raise money for organizations!

 So, you make beautiful designed cakes, can you tell us more about it?I like creating works of art the most.  A lot of what I do is basic, but the cakes I do for kids going through rough times are my favorites!  I get to make a child smile and forget about what they are going through for a bit of time!  

Tell us a story about one special cake…                                            My first Icing Smiles Cake. I think I cried the whole time I was baking it, decorating it, delivering it, meeting the sweet girl, and then leaving her behind to enjoy her cake! It was massive and designed specifically just for her. I still make her birthday cakes and will forever if she asks me to! She will always have a special place in my heart! All the kids do! These kids don’t ask for the stuff they are given – cancer and all sorts of bad horrible life-threatening diseases. It’s not fair. If I can make any of them smile with just a cake – then my heart is full! 

Are you volunteering with any nonprofit currently?

I try to help Dreams & Wishes of Tennessee as much as I can. I offer my baking always to them and try to get them in touch with people who can make things happen for the kids! I also work with Icing Smiles Inc – the Tennessee chapter – also bringing cakes to children who need an extra smile!

Yes folks, this is a Piñata cake created by Antoinette- a work of art that makes you feel guilty for eating it

Do you have any other hobbies?

Too many – gardening – yard sales – making jewelry and going to the gym.



If you could have a nonprofit on or charity program, which would you like us to support?

Dreams & Wishes of Tennessee. They help make wishes come true for kids battling cancer and other bad situations.   


What would be the next campaign you are going to participate in on our platform? 

I will participate in all of them as I’m able to!  It’s important to me to support those helping others when it is feasible for me to do so!  


Thank you, Antoinette, for your support and hard work! See you at the next campaign.

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