Meet the Winners: Trista Brodie

Not everyday we get to interview winners that won twice in the same week! Trista is one of those unique people. She won in our donation Ring Door Bell campaign and a free giveaway we had on our Facebook group for a bluetooth headphones. On top of that she runs a nonprofit, so it’s beautiful to see how our community supports it’s members.

So tell us about yourself?

A Eastern NC native. I’m the President and Founder of True Care Solutions Inc (TCSINC). TCSINC was established to be an advocate for the disabled. We aim to provide support services and resources for our clients to ensure all their needs are met. I truly love being a voice for the voiceless. In my spare time, I’m spending time with family, friends and my toy poodle Sasha.

How did you ended up creating your organization?

After almost 13 years in the healthcare industry, I noticed the growing need for more healthcare advocates and more importantly advocates for the disabled. 

What do you like about Squeedeal?

The awesome chance to win free stuff and the fact that you get to support a nonprofit adds a lot to it. I mean, most time we just spend money and here you get chance to do something good with it, plus they give all kinds of goodies.

Were you surprised when you learned that you won our sweepstakes?

Yes, because I never win anything Lol. I actually won twice with Squeedeal, one through a donation campaign and the other on their free giveaway you do on your Facebook group. I think I one twice in the same week, and again, I never win anything.

What do you like to do in your spare time?


Spend time with family and my toy poodle Sasha. 


Which organizations would like us to support?


True Care Solutions North Carolina and Habitat for Humanity


What would like us to put on our store?


More electronics. I really like the Ring Door Bell because I just moved to a new place and this is a perfect welcome gift for me. I need a new TV and Sounds System, so if I could win that, I would be grateful haha. 

We want to thank Trista for helping us by making a donation, as well as being active – adding new members to our community that got her entries into our free giveaway. Both got her into our giveaway campaign and she won twice! 

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