Plexus 21gr Steel Tip Darts

Participants left to run the sweepstakes

We are giving away a brand new Apple AirPods. For a minimum of $10 donation ticket you get to participate in the sweepstake + we give most of the Profit to Upwardly Global so you get to support a noble cause! 

How does it work?

At Squeedeal, sweepstakes are short term in order for each participant to have a  better chance to win with fewer donors. 

We are holding a pre-participation registration. Once we reach 30 people who are interested, we will open the sweepstakes for a limited amount of time, notify all those who are interested and run the draw. The winner gets a brand new Apple AirPods!

Fill out the form by clicking on one of the pink buttons below and pick the amount you want to donate for the cause. The bigger the amount, the more entries you get. You can send the payment through PayPal or a Credit Card and we will send you back a confirmation email with the number of entries for the sweepstakes.

Thank you for your support!

And get a free multi tool card

And get a free solar charger

Who are you supporting?

Upwardly global is the first and longest-serving organization focused on helping foreign-trained immigrants and refugees from any industry or country integrate into the American workforce. We provide soft skill training and job coaching to help people find that first professional job in the U.S.

For more information on Upwardly Global, click here

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