Milo The Albino Dino

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Milo is having a tough time at school. The other kids won’t play with him because he’s an Albino. The longer this goes on, the sadder and lonelier he feels.

When he tells his mom what’s going on at school, she suggests he find a new friend like him. Soon, Milo is on an adventure of a lifetime searching for another Albino dinosaur. After learning about his journey, a few friends join him and discover what genuine friendship, kindness, and acceptance means.

Milo the Albino teaches young children about awareness and acceptance. This book teaches children how a first impression doesn’t represent who a person is on the inside and how to form friendships without bias.
*The book includes a bonus interactive section at the end.

**It’s perfect for children between the ages of 3 and 8 and recommended by teachers for homeschooling

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MY Crafty Zoo Blog

It’s also a fantastic little book to help teach children to embrace diversity and see the greatness in differences.
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The Insatiable Reader Blog

A great piece of edutainment, if ever I saw one! A wonderful tribute to the uniqueness in us all, and a great story filled with wonderful illustrations that will help kiddos grow up with open minds AND hearts.

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Price is only $14.99 (+$5 for shipping)

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    About The Author:
    Dolev Zaharony

    A Tech Marketer by day and writer and musician by night, Dolev has written many short stories. After his first child was born, he started focusing on children’s books, as he gets regular inspiration from his kids. Their imagination takes him back to when he was a kid, connecting between unrelated things and blending them into a story. As a parent, he tries to use that same method and reply it back to kids, each time with a different message that will help them overcome the obstacles of life they have to cope with.

    Dolev resides in North Carolina and has a wife and two kids. 

    His next two books are in production now:

    Painting on The Weasel – A funny and interactive book for kids who want to learn new words

    The Neighbor’s Ferrari – About materialism and joy of life

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